Events Manager

Job Description

Job Title: Football Centre Leagues and Events Manager
Job Type: Full-time

Company Overview: We are a leading football centre dedicated to providing a diverse range of football experiences for individuals and groups. We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant and inclusive community around the sport. As part of our expansion plans, we are seeking an energetic and creative Football Centre Leagues and Events Manager to spearhead the development of small-sided leagues and events, including kids' parties.

Job Description: The Football Centre Leagues and Events Manager will play a crucial role in designing, coordinating, and overseeing small-sided football leagues and events. This position requires a dynamic individual with a passion for football and a flair for organizing engaging and memorable experiences for our customers.
Key Responsibilities:

1.    League Development:
•    Create and manage small-sided football leagues catering to various age groups and skill levels.
•    Develop league schedules, coordinate fixtures, and ensure a smooth and fair competition.
•    Implement marketing strategies to attract teams and players to participate in the leagues.
2.    Event Planning:
•    Design and execute football-related events, including but not limited to kids' parties, tournaments, and community events.
•    Collaborate with the marketing team to promote events and increase participation.
•    Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional events.
3.    Customer Engagement:
•    Build relationships with local football clubs, schools, and community groups to encourage participation in leagues and events.
•    Gather customer feedback and use insights to enhance the overall footballing experience.
•    Act as a point of contact for league participants and event attendees, addressing inquiries and concerns.
4.    Collaboration:
•    Work closely with the Football Center Manager to align leagues and events with the overall strategy and vision of the center.
•    Coordinate with the facility management team to ensure pitches and facilities are optimized for leagues and events.
5.    Financial Management:
•    Develop and manage budgets for leagues and events, ensuring financial goals are met.
•    Explore revenue-generating opportunities such as sponsorships, merchandise, and additional services.

Qualifications and Skills:
•    Proven experience in organizing and managing football leagues and events.
•    Passion for football and a deep understanding of small-sided formats.
•    Creative thinking and the ability to design innovative and attractive football experiences.
•    Strong organizational and project management skills.
•    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
•    Flexibility to work evenings and weekends based on league schedules and events.
•    Previous experience in working with children or organizing kids' parties is a plus.

If you are a football enthusiast with a knack for creating exciting and well-organized leagues and events, we invite you to apply for this rewarding position.

To apply please email your CV.

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